Harkins Chiropractic Corp. is committed to providing you with world-class, convenient, affordable, and safe chiropractic care at The Joint franchise locations throughout Southern CA.

We hesitate in describing you as a "patient" because it implies that you are suffering from a condition that needs treatment. We understand that many people that come to see us are looking for a treatment but a great percentage of our "patients" see us proactively for prevention and general wellness. The truth is, we don't target your symptom or condition and we don't have a treatment for it.* 

How can we help? Our chiropractors target the function of your spine and nervous system by checking for spinal subluxations and correcting them with chiropractic adjustments. We believe this improves the function of your body and can have dramatic positive effects on your balance, muscle tension, alignment, posture, strength, and organ/immune system function. These changes lead to greater overall health, well-being, and quality of life. This is what we mean by "proactive", "wellness", and "maintenance". We're pretty good when you use us as a band aid or an aspirin but we're at our best when you use us like a vitamin, gym membership, or dental hygienist.

  • HCC HELPDESK is a place you can go if you have any questions, comments, praise or suggestions for our doctors.
  • THE JOINT website gives you a list of locations throughout the country.
  • The AMERICAN CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION has a list of doctors who might better serve you if you are looking for treatment of a specific condition or for a work injury or auto accident.*

*If you have work-related injury, have been in an auto accident or are looking for the treatment/cure of a specific injury, symptom or condition, we are not the chiropractors for you! There are other chiropractors, physical therapists, and medical professionals who can re-actively target and treat your symptoms or illness to better serve you.